School teachers come first;
we second that.

Traditionally, teachers need to command classrooms. Today, many of the students might not be in class. Hence, teachers must be able to quickly and easily create virtual classrooms and direct students to these rooms. We guarantee that you’d have the easiest and best experience in creating and conducting online classes with mySecondTeacher.

mySecondTeacher allows teachers to schedule, create and conduct live video-based classes for students, create, distribute, receive, grade, and return marked assignments with feedback to students, create mock exam papers based on topics, question types, and difficulty levels, access learning resources like eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, eTeachersGuides, and interactive videos, create virtual channels for specific student groups, and make announcements to students. Essentially, the MST platform provides all the core features required for teachers to manage both face-to-face as well as online teaching all in one platform.

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

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Teachers can easily create and conduct their online live video-based and text-based classes. The classes are recorded so that students can re-watch them later. Teachers can also create, distribute, receive and grade assignments in a few clicks.

Teaching Resources

Teachers can access various teaching resources like – Interactive Videos, eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, eTeachersGuides, PHET simulations, etc and use these during classes. Teacher may also give out assignments to students directly from the platform!


Teachers can generate testpapers and marking schemes based on topics, chapters or the whole syllabus and with different difficulty levels in a matter of clicks. There is even a secret question bank only accessible to teachers! The questions generated best resemble the ones asked in real exams.

Reports & Statistics​​

Teachers can identify the learning gaps of their student using our Diagnostic Reports and eBook Read logs. This aids teachers in intervention planning and ultimately helps students learn better.

Group Chat​

Our Group Chat helps connect teachers with their students, and is supportive of their differentiated learning or project work groupings. Within the groups, teachers and students may share documents, images, links, etc. Some teachers also use Group Chat to conduct small-scale live text-based classes and interactive sessions.

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