School teachers come first; we second that.

How mySecondTeacher helps teachers:

Teach/Revise Basic Content

Classroom instruction time is limited, and having to teach and re-teach basic content can be unproductive. So, why not assign our videos for your students to watch and assignments for them to do? Content gaps will now be a thing of the past!

Insights Into Student Learning

The best teachers know exactly what misconceptions a particular student has, and thus can move quickly to address them. Our technology will pinpoint your students’ misconceptions and misunderstandings, and provide such insights to you so that you may intervene as required. Conceptual gaps will now be a thing of the past!

Differentiated Learning

It’s a fact that some student learn faster and are better at certain topics than others. That’s why traditional classroom practices bore the faster learners, while the slower ones struggle to keep pace. Our technology looks deep into students’ learning status and helps you group students so that peer-based differentiated learning can take place within the same classroom. Win-win for everyone!

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