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Students can learn from eBooks and Interactive Videos, seek answers from live tutors online, take mastery or mock tests and obtain diagnostic reports in order to find out about their strengths and weaknesses, among many other features.

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Teachers can schedule and conduct live video-based classes, distribute assignments and publish the results, create mock exam papers, and access learning resources like eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, eTeachersGuides, and interactive videos among many other features.

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School Leaders

School Leaders like Principals, Head Teachers can gain insights into their schools’ performance, including students’ online learning activities and their results. They can also get comparative statistics on students’, teachers’ performance along with the schools’ performance with respect to other schools of similar stature.

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Parents may monitor their child(ren)'s academic progress, and when schools use mySecondTeacher, parents may monitor their child(ren)'s academic activities and provide consent for extra curricular activities arranged by the school.

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Interactive Videos

Students can learn their entire subject syllabuses from our interactive videos. ​

Teachers can use these videos to teach or revise basic concepts in the classroom.​


Our Cambridge endorsed eBooks from Alston make it easier for students to learn because of their various features. ​

Teachers can use these eBooks in classrooms or video conference sessions to teach as teacher-only features like “Show/Hide Answer” and “Student Access Logs” provide teachers with unparalleled flexibility and insights.


Students and teachers can generate self-marking or normal Testpapers along with their marking schemes based on topics, chapters or the entire syllabus with different difficulty level in a few clicks!​

The questions on the Testpapers best resemble the ones asked in real exams.

Tutor Support​

Students can arrange for scheduled tutorial sessions to seek help while solving problems or help clear concepts of various topics. ​

Our tutors are available 24x7 to support our students.

Group Chat​

Our Group chat helps connect students and teachers to exchange ideas and help learn and teach better.​

They can create project groups and within those groups, they can share documents, pictures, links, etc!

Reports & Statistics​​

Teachers can identify learning gaps of their students using our Mastery Reports and eBook Read Logs, which aids them to intervene and help the student learn better.

Likewise, school leaders can gain insights into their school’s performance, including the student’s and teacher’s activity and performance. In addition, parents can also monitor their child’s performance, including their online learning activities and their results.


Teachers can easily create and conduct their online live video-based and text-based classes using the mySecondTeacher Classroom itself or even through external softwares such as Zoom, Google Meet, etc by sharing the link. The classes can be recorded so that students can re-watch them later. Teachers can also create, distribute, receive and grade assignments in a few clicks.

Quizzes & Simulations​​

We have added additional resources to make learning on the platform even more engaging and fun. Students can take Kahoot! Quizzes and challenge their friends. Similarly, they can conduct virtual experiments with PHET simulations!

What our students have to say about us
Nao (Thailand)

Ever since I started watching the videos, I start to understand more. It’s like everything now makes sense. I know it helped me cuz I did Atomic​ Physics test last week and my score improved so much compared to​ previously.

Hashim (Saudi Arabia)

Yeaaaahhhh! I mean it's amazing..... the diagnostic report.

Bernice (Malaysia)

It’s fun! I didin't know something like this existed or I would have started using it long time ago!

Lydia (Indonesia)

Your videos are really helpful! Thanks for helping me and my friends achieve higher grades!

Tony (Singapore)

The interactive videos cover the entire syllabus and even comes with loads of questions. So I don't need to refer to the textbook and workbook anymore.

Caitlyn (Indonesia)

This chat thing! It's so convenient to be able to ask someone all my doubts.

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