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We provide video-based lessons covering entire IGCSE syllabuses. We prepare learning diagnostic reports for students and school teachers. We are available 24x7 to assist students with one-to-one online tutoring.

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Learn from interactive videos

As a second teacher, we teach students entire subject syllabuses via interactive videos. We provide 24x7 online tutoring.

Support for teachers

We support teachers with insights to their students’ learning status, thus enabling differentiated instruction in classrooms.

Flip classrooms

We work with schools and teachers to flip classrooms using education technology.

Help ace exams

With great videos that teach all examinable content, online teachers to instantly answer questions, and diagnostic reports that pinpoint specific learning weakness, students have all the resource and support they need to ace exams!

What our students have to say about us
Anushka (Singapore)

Due to this learning platform’s effectiveness at teaching students the IGCSE physics and business studies courses, expensive evils such as private tuition become completely unnecessary.

Bevan (Indonesia)
Grade 10

It’s very helpful as it helps me study when I’m alone.

Joseph (Indonesia)
Grade 10

It is pretty helpful, though I only used the website recently :) still getting used to it but so far I enjoy it!

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