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MST allows students to learn from eTextbooks, eWorkbooks, and interactive videos, seek answers from live tutors online, take mastery or mock tests and obtain diagnostic reports in order to find out about their strengths and weaknesses, attend live video-based classes, take part in virtual discussion groups, receive and submit assignments, and obtain results and feedback from teachers.

Over 70% students on mySecondTeacher have scored distinctions in their IGCSE Exams.*

A more engaging, intuitive and fun way of learning!

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Interactive Videos

Students can learn their entire subject syllabuses from our interactive videos. The videos are based on natural conversation between a teacher and student and are full of interesting animations and simulations.​


Our Cambridge-endorsed eBooks from Alston make it easier for students to learn because of features like human voice narration, bookmarking, highlighting with notes and text search. These eBooks can be accessed from any device!


Students can generate self-marking or normal testpapers and marking schemes based on topics, chapters or the entire syllabus and with different difficulty levels in a few clicks.

The questions on the testpaper best resemble the ones asked in real exams.

Tutor Support​

Students can arrange for scheduled tutorial sessions to seek help while solving problems or help clear concepts of various topics. ​

Our tutors are available 24x7 to support our students.

Group Chat​

Our Group chat helps connect students and teachers to exchange ideas and help learn and teach better.​

They can create project groups and within those groups, they can share documents, pictures, links, etc!

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