We transform schools by working with them to build 21st century capabilities.

In 21st century schools:

Work collaboratively

Teachers and students work with external experts collaboratively.

Use of technology

Teaching burden is lowered by the use of technology

Become learning activators

School teachers become learning activators, not content providers or knowledge facilitators

24x7 access

Students have 24x7 access to educational materials and support

How a partnership with us looks like


In true 21st century skills fashion, teachers and students collaborate with us, the external experts, to learn, improve, and discuss alternate perspectives.

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100% of the examinable syllabus is covered, and when delivered in an engaging, interactive manner which focuses on uncovering students' misconceptions and improving students' results, it's clear our content is head-and-shoulders above the rest.

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Since students and teachers have 24x7 access to entertainment across a variety of mediums, shouldn’t they also have the same access to education? Now they can, with mySecondTeacher.

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Overconfidence is the bane for average students, while lack of confidence negatively affects students who are on extreme ends of the achievement spectrum. Not any more! mySecondTeacher provides students and their teachers with certainty -- if our diagnostic instruments say that you have mastery of a certain topic, then you have certainly mastered that topic. Else, you don’t!

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