Your child should continue learning even outside school.

How mySecondTeacher helps parents:

Live Support

We know it’s frustrating to wait until your child sees his school teacher or private tutor again in order to seek clarification or assistance. That’s why our teachers are available online on 24x7 basis.

Extended Learning

A lot of students spend time on waiting. Since our technology works on all mobile devices with an internet connection, your child can use that time to learn something useful.

Ace Examinations

We know exams and test scores are not everything, but we should admit that we care enough that we want our child to do well for them. That’s why we designed our entire system to help your child do well for exams.

Interactive Videos

As parents, we worry about absenteeism (our child and their teacher!). We also worry about whether the teacher in school is “good” or whether our child can learn from that teacher. Worry no more! Our interactive videos cover the entire examinable syllabus and are designed to help your child learn quickly and effectively. Think of us as a safety net!

Diagnostic Reports

As a parent, you need to know that your child’s learning is impeded by the misconceptions and misunderstanding that s/he has. We point out these misconceptions and misunderstandings to your child so that their revision can be focused and targeted, leading to improved learning and test scores.

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