Refugee Children in Malaysia learning via mySecondTeacher(MST)

Refugee Children in Malaysia learning via mySecondTeacher(MST)

Blog published on December 01, 2020 • By mySecondTeacher

Solex Logistics Pte Ltd (Singapore) is sponsoring access to mySecondTeacher for 70 refugee children and 20 volunteer teachers over a 12 month period starting from Jan 2021. These refugee children and volunteer teachers are part of Blessed Sunway Mentari Learning Centre (SMLC) located in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. SMLC is formally registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Rufugees (UNHCR) for the protection of children’s safety and resettlement to other countries (see:

Mr. Tayzar Lin who is Head Teacher for SMLC explained, “The plight of refugees in Malaysia is no secret; they live in dire poverty, have almost no access to formal education and affordable healthcare, and are socially marginalised. It is illegal for them to work and they live in constant fear. In Malaysia, refugee children are not allowed to enrol in public schools. As such, refugee communities run their own community-based learning centres. The main challenge that we are currently facing is the lack of good resources, facilities and teachers. MST has a complete syllabus across English, Maths and Science that will ease the delivery of teaching for different levels. Our volunteer teachers will be able to utilise the MST resources with confidence as it would help in lesson planning. Students will also benefit from the resources such as the audio reading aloud for the children to listen while reading. Both MST and Solex Logistics timely sponsorship will greatly help our refugee children and volunteer teachers.”

Mr. Xavier Chang, Managing Director of Solex Logistics, said “We are happy that our contribution can improve the lives of those who need it most. By working with MST, we harness the power of education technology and are reaching out and transforming more people than before.”

“Everyone at MST is deeply humbled by the tireless efforts of the volunteer teachers of SMLC and the generous contribution of Solex Logistics. We feel blessed that our platform is being used as a force to improve lives,” said Dr Benson Soong, founder of mySecondTeacher.

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