mySecondTeacher is now an AWS EdStart Member

mySecondTeacher is now an AWS EdStart Member

Blog published on December 02, 2020 • By mySecondTeacher

mySecondTeacher is now an AWS EdStart Member, and with membership into this selective community sponsored by Amazon Web Services, we now have exclusive access to promotional credits (this means cost-savings for our clients), technical training and mentorship (this allows us to continue producing cutting-edge technological products), and other goodies.

We are proud that we have demonstrated that our solution is indeed innovative for students, teachers, and administrators which addresses a current or future challenge, and our mission to solve problems within the field of education is clear to the AWS EdStart Selection Committee. With the support of AWS, we will continue to build the next generate of online learning, analytics, and campus management solutions on the AWS Cloud that are secure, scalable, and cost effective.

For more information about the AWS EdStart programme, please see:

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