Intan Pariwara Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of mySecondTeacher’s “Jelajah Ilmu”

Intan Pariwara Group Announces Strategic Acquisition of mySecondTeacher’s “Jelajah Ilmu”

Blog published on December 15, 2023 • By mySecondTeacher

11th Dec 2023, Jakarta: Intan Pariwara announced its acquisition of the Indonesian version of mySecondTeacher, “Jelajah Ilmu”, providing an integrated education ecosystem that addresses various complex challenges. 

Jelajah Ilmu, a leading academic delivery platform used in schools and madrasas across Indonesia, intends to keep this partnership focused on providing educational and recreational learning through technology and digital content. 

Speaking about the acquisition, the Founder of Advanced Pedagogy, mySecondTeacher, and Jelajah Ilmu, Dr. Benson Soong said “I agreed for Jelajah Ilmu to be acquired by the Intan Pariwara Group because Herbet’s vision of improving educational standards and services in Indonesia by way of providing a holistic, cross-service educational ecosystem is a brave step in the right direction. Together, we will scale new heights and improve lives through education.”

After the acquisition of Jelajah Ilmu, PT Penerbit Intan Pariwara (PIP) was transformed into PT Intan Pariwara Edukasi (IPE). The CEO of Intan Pariwara Group, Herbet Ang expressed “With the mission of ‘Education Without Borders’, IPE, which was previously a company that published various textbooks based on the national curriculum, has now become an Education Tech Company. IPE is now focused on combining technology and digital content in providing educational and recreational learning processes.”  

This transformation marks a new chapter for mySecond teacher’s Jelajah Ilmu and Intan Pariwara’s journey in creating a comprehensive educational ecosystem in Indonesia.

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