Celebrating International Education Day: Leveraging digitization in Education

Celebrating International Education Day: Leveraging digitization in Education

Blog published on January 23, 2023 • By mySecondTeacher

The History and Origins of International Education Day

Initiated by UNESCO in 2018, International Education Day is an annual celebration of education for peace and development. Its objective is to raise public awareness of the significance of international education, and foster cooperation, understanding, and respect among people from various backgrounds and cultures. The theme for International Education Day in 2023 is “to invest in people, prioritize education.”

The Impact of Digitization on Education

International Education Day presents a great opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the value of education and the enormous strides made in the area of education as a result of digitization. Teachers and students may now access knowledge from all around the world because of the advancements made in contemporary technology. It has also improved learning effectiveness, enabling us to learn more in a shorter amount of time. Learning is now more engaging and participatory because of the seamless integration of technology into classrooms made possible by digitization. As a result of digitization, educators now have access to a wide range of tools and resources that enable them to provide students with compelling and long-lasting learning experiences. In the present digital age, numerous firms have enhanced and sustained the proliferation of online learning using technology, for example, mySecondTeacher and Jelajah Ilmu. Together, these entities have united to offer a comprehensive educational solution making it accessible to all individuals. Through their revolutionary pedagogy embedded into the content and various academic enhancing features, they’ve been able to help 70% of users achieve distinction.

Digitization has also had a significant influence on education, providing innovative approaches to teaching and learning as well as easier access to resources and information. One example of this is the integration of technology from companies like Acer into educational settings. Acer, as a leading provider of education technology, has helped to make digital resources more accessible and user-friendly for students and teachers.

On International Education Day, we recognize the significance of providing access to education for all and the role that technology can play in making this a reality. The use of digital tools, such as those offered by Acer, can help to bridge the digital divide and provide students in underprivileged communities with the same opportunities as their more privileged peers. By leveraging technology to enhance the educational experience, We can contribute to the development of a more inclusive and fair global society.

Acer for Education: Unlocking Global Learning Opportunities

Acer for Education is a global initiative to support digitally-enabled education. It is committed to providing technology solutions for the transformation of learning. Through its innovative solutions, Acer works with educators and school administrators to equip their students with the digital tools to become successful and productive digital citizens. Acer for Education offers a range of products and services aimed at helping organizations and educators develop individualized instruction that encourages student engagement and development. It is dedicated to ensuring that technology is available to everyone and offers solutions that cover the whole educational spectrum.

The globe is experiencing a well-documented learning crisis, particularly among the most marginalized and disadvantaged children. 258 million children, adolescents and youth are unable to access formal education. Acer collaborates with national governments and organizations and actively engages in programs, drawing on global standards and expertise, to make sure that education reform addresses both national goals and regional requirements.

International Education Day: A Call to Action

With the advent of technology, Acer for Education is making sure that the students of today have access to the tools and resources they require to excel in their studies. International Education Day is a great opportunity to highlight the efforts Acer for Education is making to raise the standard and increase access to education for everyone.

To celebrate international education day, Acer Indonesia presents the Acer Edu Summit 2023 with the theme “Transformation Toward World-Class Education”. This educational seminar which will be filled by experts around the world will be held on January 31, 2023 online via Zoom.

The speakers who will attend the Acer Edu Summit 2023 education seminar consist of national and international speakers. The discussion on the Acer Edu Summit 2023 education seminar included Ir. Suharti, M.A., PhD, Prof. LIM Cher Ping, Associate Prof. Grace Oakley, Associate Prof. Tanng Chee, and Prof. Ir. Tian Belawati, M.Ed., PhD.

The Acer Edu Summit 2023 educational seminar will be delivered in Indonesian with a translator who translates in real-time so that all participants can still follow the seminar course properly and thoroughly. Participants who take part in the seminar until the end of the event have the opportunity to win an Acer laptop door prize. In addition, all seminar participants will also receive an e-certificate.

For a more complete and in-depth discussion on educational transformation, you can get it by attending the Acer Edu Summit 2023 educational seminar. For registration, you can go through https://www.aceredusummit.id/ and for RSVP, you can email to rsvp@aceredusummit.id or WhatsApp at +62 813 1589 1195 This seminar can be attended by anyone and is free of charge.

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