AP and Acer Indonesia renew collaboration on Jelajah Ilmu

AP and Acer Indonesia renew collaboration on Jelajah Ilmu

Blog published on August 14, 2022 • By mySecondTeacher

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) and Acer Indonesia recently announced the renewal of their successful partnership whereby Jelajah Ilmu, an AP platform, will continue to serve as a focal point for both parties to further Acer Indonesia’s Acer for Education program in the local Indonesian curriculum sector.

The Jelajah Ilmu partnership between AP and Acer Indonesia has been enormously beneficial to both organisations so as to further their efforts of bolstering education through the use of technology. Through this partnership, AP has contributed significantly to Acer Indonesia’s mission of revolutionising and increasing accessibility to high quality education for all schools in Indonesia.

“AP has always placed the development of education and its accessibility at the forefront of our company’s vision. While we possess some of the most advanced educational technologies and a proven pedagogy on our education platforms, it would have been a gigantic task to deliver our product to the ones that primarily require them without the support of Acer Indonesia and their Acer for Education program,” said Dr Benson Soong, Founder of AP.

AP, through its Jelajah Ilmu platform, provided crucial support to the Acer for Education program by technologically enabling the Acer Smart School Awards. Additionally, both AP and Acer Indonesia have launched the Jelajah Ilmu Academy, which seeks to upskill educators for the new educational landscape in Indonesia.

“Acer for Education was initiated with a focus on supporting academic betterment in Indonesia. By working with AP on the Jelajah Ilmu platform, we have already seen this partnership greatly benefit many schools and communities. The extension of this partnership will see the introduction of various new features within the Jelajah Ilmu platform, like HQ Leader Dashboard, a Competency Evaluator platform, and the introduction of Jelajah Ilmu Certified Schools. These and other efforts will contribute towards our joint mission of improving education for all in Indonesia,” said Maya Fransisca, Marketing Head Acer Indonesia on the renewal of the partnership.

The main goal of Acer for Education is to contribute to all acceleration processes of digitalization in the education sector. In realising this, Acer Indonesia has established guidelines for implementing their four pillars of the digital transformation ecosystem that will drive these acceleration processes. Firstly, the focus is to strengthen Human Resources, which is carried out through Jelajah Ilmu Academy. Secondly, promoting the Jelajah Ilmu platform so that the digital education ecosystem becomes integrated. Thirdly, supporting the fulfillment of digital support by producing products with physical components (hardware) that already have TKDN certification. And lastly, to provide maximum protection through cyber security services.

About Advanced Pedagogy (AP) and Jelajah Ilmu

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) is an education technology company headquartered in Singapore and is best known for their mySecondTeacher platform. Founded by Cambridge University alumnus Dr. Benson Soong and advised by Cambridge don Prof. Neil Mercer, AP works to improve school-based education using the technologies of education. Our solutions transform traditional education landscapes and lead to improved learning outcomes for students while helping teachers transform their core responsibilities — from that of the content provider and knowledge facilitators into learning activators. Jelajah Ilmu is AP’s edtech platform specially catered for the Indonesian market.

About Acer Indonesia’s Acer for Education Program

Acer Indonesia started operations in 1998 and is now a major player in the Indonesian PC Industry. Acer recorded stable and positive growth in the Indonesian market, successfully becoming the No.1 brand in the laptop category for eight consecutive years and No.1 in PC category for seven consecutive years in Indonesia (IDC PC Tracker & Garters Inc). These achievements also place Acer as a laptop and PC brand the choice of Indonesian people, as proven by the various prestigious awards achieved by Acer, including Top Brand Award for 14 consecutive years, Indonesia Best Brand Award, No.1 Customer Service in Indonesia for the laptop category, Indonesian Customer Satisfaction Award for 11 consecutive years, including an international award as The Most Socially Devoted Brand on Facebook for Electronics Category in customer service through social media from www.socialbakers.com. Acer is committed to establishing borderless communication with consumers throughout Indonesia, which was realized through a network of after-sales services found at 105 locations in 87 cities and 35 provinces in Indonesia and 2 in Timor Leste. Customers can contact Acer Contact Center with local rates on 1500-155, also 24 hours a day, via social media.

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