Advanced Pedagogy Announces Partnership with The RVI GROUP

Advanced Pedagogy Announces Partnership with The RVI GROUP

Blog published on April 19, 2022 • By mySecondTeacher

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) announces its latest strategic partnership with Singapore-based The RVI GROUP. The Group commonly referred to as RVI has a network that includes 20 education centres and six academies across seven countries including Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Thailand. RVI is now AP’s exclusive distribution partner for the territories of Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia, and will distribute AP’s multiple international award-winning mySecondTeacher (MST) platform and IGCSE and AS/A Level video-based contents to these markets.

“We are extremely impressed with the educational and technological advances offered by the MST platform. Indeed, our wish to distribute MST in these territories come from the fact that the schools that we ourselves manage in those territories are MST users. In the near future, we seek deeper collaboration with AP on procuring or producing local content for the territories in which we operate in for the betterment of education on those countries,” shared Mr Argus Ang, CEO of RVI.

While Advanced Pedagogy is a young EdTech company, its MST platform has already won multiple international awards and the firm is also an AWS EdStart Member. AP also won the Best AV Digital Content Creators 2022 in the Singapore Business Awards for their IGCSE and AS/A Level video-based contents. The MST platform is now used in more than 500 schools across more than 13 countries, providing teachers, students, school leaders and parents with a common space for all their academic delivery and reporting needs.

“Mr Ang and his team at RVI operates some of the best Cambridge schools in Myanmar and other territories. Given his reputation, deep expertise, and connections in those territories, we are convinced that RVI is the right partner for us in those markets. We are already in discussions to deepen our relationship by moving into the local curriculum space in those markets, and I look forward to working with Mr Ang and his team to effect educational improvements together,” said Dr Benson Soong, founder of Advanced Pedagogy.

*Textbook-bundling partners who are licensees of AP’s technologies may still directly serve the stated territories, as the distribution agreement pertains to AP’s global MST platform.

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