Advanced Pedagogy Announces Partnership with PT Penerbit Intan Pariwara

Advanced Pedagogy Announces Partnership with PT Penerbit Intan Pariwara

Blog published on June 21, 2021 • By mySecondTeacher

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) announces its latest strategic partnership with one of Indonesia’s largest Grade 1 to 12 national curriculum educational resource publisher, PT Penerbit Intan Pariwara (commonly referred to as “Intan” in Indonesia). Intan’s textbooks are endorsed by the Indonesian government and used in schools throughout all the islands of Indonesia. AP will convert, bundle and distribute all of Intan’s Grade 1 to 12 textbooks, teacher’s guide, interactive digital books, and question papers via the Indonesian “Jelajah Ilmu” academic delivery platform, which is powered by AP’s mySecondTeacher (MST).

Given demographic shifts and the advancements in all areas of technology, Indonesia is preparing to change traditional education practices to confront society era 5.0. A key part of this transformation will be the adoption and wide-spread use of digital resources and academic delivery systems. The combined solution offered by Intan and AP aims to help schools transform for society era 5.0, and given the focus on Indonesian schools offering the national curriculum, the educational impact that this partnership can make will be significant.

“It is Intan’s mission to provide Indonesian students with the best possible education resources. In this partnership with AP, we believe that together with Intan’s digitalised textbooks and other resources, schools will get a best-in-class academic delivery system, all within a single platform. This will benefit everyone from principals, teachers, students to parents,” shared Ir. Utomo Putro, M.M, the Director of PT. Penerbit Intan Pariwara.

While Advanced Pedagogy is a young EdTech company based in Singapore, its mySecondTeacher platform has already won multiple international awards and the firm is also an AWS EdStart Member. Used in over 120 top international schools across 20 countries, the platform provides teachers, students, school leaders and parents with a common space for all their academic delivery and reporting needs.

“mySecondTeacher is founded and run by educators and techies who have a deep passion to help schools transform for the post-covid era. While we focus on pedagogy and technology, we rely on strong partners like Intan who have a treasure trove of educational resources that are completely necessary for the academic operations of schools. This partnership with Intan will allow us to address the needs of Indonesian schools, which is both an honour and privilege,” said Dr Benson Soong, founder of Advanced Pedagogy.

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