Advanced Pedagogy Announces Partnership with Marshall Cavendish Education

Advanced Pedagogy Announces Partnership with Marshall Cavendish Education

Blog published on April 19, 2021 • By mySecondTeacher

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) announces its latest strategic partnership with Singapore’s leading national and regional provider of K–12 educational solutions, Marshall Cavendish Education (MCE). MCE will bundle and distribute AP’s multiple award-winning mySecondTeacher platform to global markets.

In the education landscape today, technology plays a big part in teaching and learning, and it continues to grow in importance. As part of the partnership, MCE will bring to the table its existing and newly developed education solutions, integrated with the mySecondTeacher platform, and the distribution network built in its 60 years of business in educational solutions.

“Online learning has taken over the world by storm and this new way of teaching continues to power through in 2021. With this collaboration, MCE aims to support our learners and teachers further using the Cambridge syllabus as the platform enables schools to seamlessly migrate their physical classroom to a virtual one with live online text or video classes, assignment features, and generate reports on students’ and teachers’ performance,” shared Mr Yeoh Cheng Poh, Head, Learning Management, Marshall Cavendish Education.

While Advanced Pedagogy is a young EdTech company based in Singapore, its mySecondTeacher platform has already won multiple international awards and the firm is also an AWS EdStart Member. Used in over 100 schools across more than 13 countries, the platform provides teachers, students, school leaders and parents with a common space for all their academic delivery and reporting needs.

“mySecondTeacher is founded and run by educators and techies who have a deep passion to help schools transform for the post-covid era. While pedagogy and technology are our forte, our content creation has been slow and our sales and sales networks have been lacking. This partnership with MCE gives us a massive shot in the arm on both sales and content fronts, allowing us to reach out to more schools globally while providing them with greater content options” said Dr Benson Soong, founder of Advanced Pedagogy.

*Indonesia is not included for distribution by MCE.

About Marshall Cavendish Education

As a leading provider of K-12 educational solutions, Marshall Cavendish Education has been innovating education content since 1960s, integrating research-driven educational approaches with innovative technology to support students’ learning and teachers’ professional development.

Its comprehensive solutions (print and digital content) help learners build conceptual knowledge and develop content mastery while its suite of professional development courses helps educators amalgamate theory and practice to nurture learners for the future world.

Headquartered in Singapore, with offices in Hong Kong, Thailand, Chile and the United States, its solutions have been adapted into multiple languages and used in over 80 countries to date. Today, Marshall Cavendish Education remains a leader in the education industry, committed to its vision of transforming education with affordable, quality, and easy-to-use print and digital resources to support learners and teachers globally towards a better tomorrow.

About Advanced Pedagogy/mySecondTeacher

Advanced Pedagogy (AP) is an education technology company headquartered in Singapore. Founded by Cambridge University alumni Dr. Benson Soong and advised by Cambridge don Prof. Neil Mercer, AP works to improve school-based education using the technologies of education. Our solutions transform traditional education landscapes and lead to improved learning outcomes for students while helping teachers transform their core responsibilities — from that of the content provider and knowledge facilitators into learning activators.

Best known for our mySecondTeacher (MST) platform which is multiple award-winning and franchised and licensed in countries like Nepal and Indonesia, AP is a statutory member of the Singapore Business Federation, which is Singapore’s apex business chamber.

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