mySecondTeacher presented with ‘Best School eLearning Technology’ Award by Corporate Vision

Published On October 17, 2022 • By mySecondTeacher

In Corporate Vision’s (CV) Education & Training Awards 2022, mySecondTeacher was awarded with the ‘Best School eLearning Technology - Singapore’ Award. As announced by CV, this honorable achievement will give us the opportunity to access materials which will help showcase and market our success to learners, parents, and other stakeholders.

CV explains that the Education & Training Awards was introduced to recognize educators working towards the evolution of the industry as the world around it dynamically changes. Additionally, the programme also further propels such innovative specialists towards our mission of academic development.

We are proud to have accomplished this feat, which is a direct reflection of our merit and excellence which forms the core basis of Corporate Vision’s criteria for the Education & Training Award. With the support of Corporate Vision, we have now been offered a variety of promotional items and industry-leading services to help enhance the impetus of our success whilst also increasing our reach, as we continue to display the acumen and strengths that have led us to this accomplishment.

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Shahil Pradhan
Marketing Lead